After reseaching the marke, WLS has noticed that, the most used keyword in Google or other search engine is “Affordable website design”, is it actually works or just give bogus results? Any company can spend loads of money on this keyword and can get their website at good position on search engine listings and may be customers will also go with them, because everyone believes Google. But are you really getting something cheaper or expensive service called “cheap web design service” and is it worth what you paying?

Myself worked in various companies and noticed companies sometimes fully rip customers off, for even non-chargable work, they charge a good amount, but customers can’t point it out because they don’t know anything about technicality of web design. Here WLS comes, we do charge amounts for various tasks, but our work justifies that.

Do not go for cheap quality, go for cheap charge, following are some points we should have in mind while searching for affordable website:

  • Look their past work to find out how is the design, was it professional for professional website and casual for funky websites, because some companies just make the website with predefine templates disregard of nature of business.
  • Check if they are providing secure website, as most of the websites are integrated with payment gateway, for that, security is most important factor.
  • Support is another important factor, everything need support doesn’t matter how well its implemented sometime for issues and sometimes for upgrade, so there should be some support system.
  • Technologies used should latest and support majority of users, like HTML5 is coming, or say already cracked in, but still not all browsers are compatible with it. So it is important to go with flow, othwise a good website is also of no use.