Responsive or Standard website?¬†This question is really important for a developer or even for a digital marketing agencies. It totally depends on customers experience, some end users love to see same version of website everywhere, doesn’t matter even they need to pinch to make it bigger on iPhone or any touch screen mobile devices. But is really that’s why we shouldn’t go for responsive? Answer is NO, responsive is future of website, better to say ‘future of perfect laid out website’.

What is responsive website?

Responsive website means, a layout which works or in better word viewable perfectly on any size of screen. It should change it’s dimension and styling depending on the type of device it is on. For example:

Desktop version: desktop version


Responsive Version: responsive version site

In responsive layout, user can perfect shopping or blogging experience.

Does SEO get affected with responsive website?

Yes it does. Google has mentioned on its webmaster page as well. Google check if the website is viewable on mobile devices then it rates it higher. Because Google’s aim is to give user best experience, and users are happy and finding the website more enjoyable then it give higher ratings. So yes Google does recommends responsive approach and the really important factor is two distinct version of site on same URL, which will save website to get penalised.